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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ExtraMan?
No one knows exactly who he is, where he came from or where he got that magnificent superhero suit, but what we do know is that his sole mission in life is to guide his buds to the glorious awesomeness and extras that can be found at ExtraMile® convenience stores.
Where can I see more of ExtraMan?
What’s he wearing under that super hero suit?
When asked, his response is always “Wouldn’t you like to know?”
What’s ExtraMan’s favorite thing to eat at ExtraMile® stores?
ExtraMan isn’t picky. While he thoroughly enjoys the hotdogs, he actually loves everything and we mean EVERYTHING at ExtraMile®.
What’s ExtraMan’s favorite drink?
Whatever is in his ExtraMile® cup at the time is the best thing in the world to him.
What does ExtraMan like to do in his free time?
He likes to fly around to different ExtraMile® locations to check out the latest snacks and fuel up for his next super-hero duties.
How did ExtraMan come to be the hero we all enjoy?
No one knows where he came from but I think we can all agree that we are thankful to have him around guiding us to all the extras we knew we wanted and some extras that we didn’t even know we wanted.
Why is ExtraMan always hungry?
With his constant superhero-ing around he works up quite the appetite. Stopping frequently at ExtraMile® stores to fuel up for his next adventure.
Where did ExtraMan get his suit?
No one knows for sure but we do think he made it in his man cave.
What does ExtraMan do while not in disguise?
No one has ever seen him out of his costume that we know of.
How does ExtraMan keep in such great shape?
When you’re running around constantly telling people about the amazing extras available at the greatness that is ExtraMile®, you tend to stay in pretty good shape – even if you do eat everything in sight.
Why is ExtraMan so obsessed with ExtraMile® stores?
Because ExtraMile® is so awesome and he gets to enjoy all the little ExtraMile extras that they have on hand. And we’re okay with that.
Does ExtraMan have a significant other?
ExtraMan’s personal life is just that, personal. He’s never been seen with anyone else and no one has stepped forward to claim they were together.
Where does ExtraMan live?
No one knows. But he’s never far from an ExtraMile® store.
Does ExtraMan have a nemesis?
ExtraMan doesn’t have a nemesis because he’s just too friendly. Besides, he’s too busy chowing down to have time for making enemies. He does have a few pet peeves though; cold coffee, stale hotdogs, and messy stores. That’s why ExtraMan keeps his eye on ExtraMile®, so nothing will happen to his beloved stores. He’s the hero that they need and that we appreciate.
Does ExtraMan have any super powers?
ExtraMan is a man of many powers. Most notably, he can fly, he has super speed and super strength. ExtraMan uses his super speed to get from ExtraMile® store to ExtraMile® store in record time. Which is pretty awesome, because he’s always super hungry.